July 28, 2015

About Us

Crispy Caps is an American based company created in 2014.

About Us – Crispy Caps started as a family business run by a father and son team from Cleveland, Ohio in 2014. Chris/Son saw a need to eliminate the problem of mouthpiece heat & to make Drip Tips that actually feel comfortable on the lips & have an awesome custom look. A fair amount of research and development resulted in the manufacturing of “6 custom Delrin caps in black & white” that are consistently cool to the touch and fit all major brands of RDA’s and Tanks. Having accomplished the goal of enhancing the vaping experience, Crispy Cap Website launched in the summer of 2015.

Our Products – Wide Bore for greater inhalation, Low Profile for a great look, Pressure Fitted and some with O-rings, Delrin and Acrylic Plastics for safety, comfort (no “lips left on tips)” and a LIFETIME WARRANTY that covers – Melting, Chipping and Drops – Not on Wood or Acrylic Products.

Our Materials – 100% Medical Grade Delrin, Stabilized Wood, Marble Acrylics, Hybrid Acrylics.