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"The Most Affordable DripTip In The Biz"
  • #1 - "Lifetime Warranty!"

    Covers All Our "Delrin" Products

  • #2 - Pressure Fit & O-ring options!

    Super Secure Fit So You Don't Loose Your Drip Tip

  • #3 - best Materials In the game!

    Medical Grade Delrin, Double Dyed Stabilized Burl Woods, Marble Acrylics, Infused/Hybrid Acrylics

  • #4 - 100% Awesome guaranteed!!

    Slammed Style | Wide Bore | Better Mouth Feel | Better Draw | Better Look


The Team

Christopher Piazza
Christopher Piazza
Owner | Research & Development | Marketing | Product Designer | Engraver | Polisher | Wood Worker | Shipper | Jack Of All The Trades
Brian Schultz
Brian Schultz
Sales Manager

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